Oppressive Architecture


2014 - 2019
Archival Pigment Print
30 x 30"
Edition of 5, 1 AP

Oppressive Architecture explores and documents the relationship between architecture and oppression during German Nazism. Oppressive architectural structures are being photographed in a cross-section of places. The project examines the inhumane ways that prisoners were forced to live and labor in German concentration, labor, and death camps as represented by their architecture. I also photograph propaganda architecture to show how the Nazis oppressed the general public with dominating structures and imposed their vision of a great German state.

The project explores how these architectural structures continue to influence the contemporary landscape, its inhabitants, and our understanding of history. The project’s contribution is its documentation of a wide range of remaining physical structures of oppression. It also recognizes their historic value and raises questions about how architecture can be used to commemorate and reconcile a country’s past.