While photographing the architectural forms at each plantation for the Slave Cabins project, I collected plant specimen - the new inhabitants of these places - and photographed them in the lighting studio. This served as a way to dislocate the specimen from their original spaces – the same that happened to the former slaves that were forced to live and labor on these plantations. 
Walnut (Stagville Plantation)Magnolia (Bellamy Mansion)Pine (Stagville Plantation)Pine (Orton Plantation)Chestnut (Mordecai Plantation)Willow (Boone Hall Plantation)Tobacco (McCollum Farm)Sage (Pine Hall Plantation)OkraSweet Gum Balls (Hargraves Plantation)CornBlack Locust Tree (Leigh Farm)Osage Orange (Stagville Plantation)Slave Cabin (Stagville Plantation)Foundation of Slave Cabin (Stagville Plantation)Interior of Slave Cabin (Stagville Plantation)Installation View (Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, NC)