Oppressive Architecture explores and documents the relationship between architecture and oppression during German Nazism. Oppressive architectural structures are being photographed in a cross-section of places. The project examines the inhumane ways that prisoners were forced to live and labor in German concentration, labor, and death camps as represented by their architecture. I also photograph propaganda architecture to show how the Nazis oppressed the general public with dominating structures and imposed their vision of a great German state.

The project explores how these architectural structures continue to influence the contemporary landscape, its inhabitants, and our understanding of history. The project’s contribution is its documentation of a wide range of remaining physical structures of oppression. It also recognizes their historic value and raises questions about how architecture can be used to commemorate and reconcile a country’s past.

Prison Foundation and Remains of Electric Fence, Flossenbürg Memorial Vistula River (Where the Ashes from the Crematoria Were Disposed of) “Sonderlager” of the Concentration Camp/Zone II of the Special CampFire Brigade Reservoir Built in the Form of a Swimming PoolSinksDissecting TableMain EntranceLoudspeaker on Roll Call AreaElectric Fence and WallRuins of Prisoners’ BarracksColonnade of the Congress HallArchitectural Camp ModelMain GateCamp RoadLatrines   Crematorium and Place of Execution, “Valley of Death” Quarry Flossenbürg Watch Tower and Electric FenceMaintenance Building,Railway TracksFormer Concentration Camp Plaszow, KrakowGarage Complex and View over Part of CampSleeping Arrangement in Prisoners’ RoomTunnel where Forced Laborers had to assemble AirplanesZeppelin Grandstand with PulpitInterior of a Prisoners’ BarracksRoll Call Area Door to Crematorium from Execution TrenchRoll Call Area and HeadquartersRemains of the Barbed Wire Fence and TrenchCrematoriumSS Administration (left), Electric Fence, Prisoners’ Barracks (right)Heavy Load-Bearing BodyFoundation of the Prison (Flossenbuerg Memorial and Museum) Overseer’s HouseWomen's PrisonMorgue Foundation of the House Prison and former Reich Aviation MinistryCongress HallZeppelin Grandstand   Execution AlleySinkRoomCongress HallCamp MexicoInstallation shot (Schwerbelastungskoerper, Berlin, Germany)Installation shot (Schwerbelastungskoerper, Berlin, Germany)Installation shot (Schwerbelastungskoerper, Berlin, Germany)Installation shot (Schwerbelastungskoerper, Berlin, Germany)Installation shot (Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, NC)Installation shot (Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, NC)Installation shot (Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh, NC)